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9-Setting SpringHose™ Wand Nozzle

Polyurethane coil hose is UV resistant, drinking water safe and has brass fittings. The 1/2" Deluxe SpringHose™ is designed for better water flow. The 9 different water pressure settings makes it easy to water your garden, clean your car and more. Our 9-Setting SpringHose™ Wand Nozzle is equipped to satisfy all of your outdoor watering needs. • Self-recoiling watering hose and wand nozzle• Lightweight design• UV-resistant; drinking water safe• 9 different wand nozzle water pressure settings Available Colors For Hose: Clear Blue Clear Green Hunter Green Deluxe available in Green only For Wand: Blue Green. Lightweight Self-Recoiling SpringHose™ has a built-in recoiling property that compacts itself instantly without kinks, knots, or endless struggling.

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King Ticking Stripe Quilt, Two Shams and One Pillow Set

Turn your bedroom into a cozy winter retreat.

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Twin Ticking Stripe Quilt, One Sham and One Pillow Set

Turn your bedroom into a cozy winter retreat.

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Deluxe Tapered Chair Cushion with ties
19" front/17" back x 18" x 3"

Available in versatile colors, our all-weather Deluxe Chair Cushions will not fade, mildew or rot.

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P&H Matches Tube, 90 count, set of 2
Buy 2 or more at $9.95 each

Our high-quality, long reach matches are a real value and a great gift.

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4-Quart Stainless Steel Kettle

Stainless steel kettle boils faster than cast iron.

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